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 Tired of adds on pages and popup junk look here

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Tired of adds on pages and popup junk look here Empty
PostSubject: Tired of adds on pages and popup junk look here   Tired of adds on pages and popup junk look here I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 11:23 am

If running windows and you goto sites and see all kinds of adds. Wouldn't you like to go there and not see all that junk?

Popup stoppers do not stop the adds that show up on pages, they just stop most of the popups.
I know I always hate going to a website and seeing 90% of the page covered in adds. I go there to look at the content, not all those adds.

Windows uses a nifty file called "hosts" Its like your own personal firewall. Have a site that offends you or you searh for something and see pages of material you didnt want. You put those sites in your windows Hosts file and redirect those add servers and sites you dont want to see.

I have composed a list (updated) hosts file that I install on may peoples systems that will stop 90% of that junk.

example. I use a certian site, They show those darn porn adds on there. I put the address's in my hosts file and now I can go there without having those adds show up. No popup blocker can do that.
And its a file that exists in windows already.

Richt click the link below and choose to save target.

Save it anywhere but eventually move it to your windows folder.
It will go in the folder structure as this...

so that windows, then system32 then drivers then ect. Put the file in the ect folder, overwrite the one there.
Now go surfing the internet and do not get bothered by 90% of those stupid adds again
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Tired of adds on pages and popup junk look here
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