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 How to search GOOGLE for what YOU want

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How to search GOOGLE for what YOU want Empty
PostSubject: How to search GOOGLE for what YOU want   How to search GOOGLE for what YOU want I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 6:47 am

In the next couple days I will show some tips on how to properly use google for exactly what you are looking for.
Below is an example of say you were looking for a certian file or program, You type it in google and come up 1000's of pages which most have nothing to so with what you are looking for.

Heres an example term...
When you goto google, type that in, then after that a space and type in the file you are looking for.
say for instance you want a lotto file...

you would do it like this...
intitle:index.of lotto.zip

That will return "Index's" of servers that have the file lotto.zip

One could search for say *.rar or *.zip or game.* "*" is a wildcard and those terms would find anything related to those searchs. Using the term "intitle:index.of" returns ONLY index pages from websites. So you wont see all the spiffy webpages but the index's of those sites like looking at a folder on your computer.

One can a multitude of many different things in this manner.

Know the name of an ebook you been looking for? example...
intitle:index.of locksmith???.pdf
The ??? is to show you are not sure of the filname exactly so the results of this search will show indexs of the directory locksmith with pdf files.

Another example...
intitle:index.of adsense???.*

returns results like this site...

more later!
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How to search GOOGLE for what YOU want
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